Monday, July 28, 2014

Lazy Day Out

Lazy Day Out

Lazy Day Out by jes94ic94a featuring a wide pink belt
This trio of outfits is inspired by my feeling lazy, but needing to leave the house. When I'm feeling lazy, but need to run errands, I like to throw something on that's cute but doesn't require too much effort. The first outfit is the easiest because there is no hassle with shoes. The second is a little tougher to just throw on because the shoes require some effort. The final is if I feel the need to be dressier than just jean shorts. What do you wear when you're lazy, but have errands to run?

River Island short dress
$37 -

Summer top

Volcom tank top

Rag & Bone shorts
$240 -

Nine west sandals

Yellow box shoes

Havaianas flip flops
$27 -

Wide pink belt

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